Dear fellow reenactors,

We have recently received information regarding funding from the municipality, which has sponsored the event in previous years. It has become clear to us that they cannot provide us with the funding necessary to organize the event we would like to offer you this year. This, together with the criticism which has been presented to us as organizers from within the reenactment community, has unfortunately led to us to the decision to cancel this year's event and focus on 2021's event instead.

Our aim is that you as participants should feel that you are treated fairly by us organizers. Therefore, we will be working on improving the experience of the event for everyone, both participants and visitors.

Lastly, we would like to thank everyone for your interest and for joining us during these past three years. Without you, this would never have happened. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you again in the future!

Best regards and with hopes to see you all again in 2021,

In Ancestors' Footsteps

Cissi, Elisabet, Erik, Fredrik, Max, Max & Petra

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